ACHP-Canada Legal Expense Insurance

Access to legal services in Canada is polarized. Those who have the financial means can obtain it easily enough. The marginalized and financially limited can obtain it through legal aid. Those in the middle are often left out in the cold, without access, advice, or defense.

Legal Expense Insurance provides coverage for legal costs incurred during the pursuit or defense of a claim, benefitting those who otherwise fall between the cracks of our current system.
DASbusiness is a business policy that ensures that the cost associated with today’s complicated business landscape are looked after. Coverage includes employment disputes, legal defense,
statutory license protection, contract disputes and debt recovery, property protection, bodily injury, and tax protection.
With UNLIMITED access to legal advice, you are reassured that your rights are put first and your position is neither desperate nor financially crippling. What appear to be simple matters can lead to sleepless nights as you stress over the financial affordability of a lawyer and the win or lose scenario.

The numbers speak for themselves, the approximate average hourly rate for lawyers across the country is $360. The approximate cost of a one day criminal trial is $5,000. The average cost of a two day civil action trial in Canada can be as much as $26,444. These numbers are staggering in print. Just imagine their impact when unforeseen legal costs arise. Conversely the cost of the premium for legal expense insurance is nominal.

It’s like having a lawyer on retainer -With unlimited access to telephone legal advice for any business or personal related issue plus access to the courts – anybody, for which the legal expense of a lawsuit would create financial hardship, would benefit from legal expense insurance.