Q. How does having an ACHP certification and membership help my business?

A. Having any certification shows your Credibility and Professionalism. Being part of an organization shows your commitment to your field and adds value to your companies presence. Back to Top

Q: Why should I join and what benefits do I get?

A: Being a certified member of a national reputable professional association is a mark of Excellence and Accomplishment. It is an essential as it proves your success, reliability, and credibility as a competent professional. Back to Top

Benefits include instant online web presence,networking, member knowledge base, and much more. Click here to see a list of all your benefits. Back to Top

Q: I heard ACHP offers a great Liability Insurance Program to its members. How do I get more information for this benefit?

A: We offer very competitive Handyman Insurance General Liability rates and much more. Our program is available to ACHP-Canada lifetime members of the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals only. Learn how to Become a member today. Back to Top

Q:Do I have to stay an active member to partake in the insurance program?

A:  The insurance program is only available to lifetime members.  You must be a member to participate.

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Q: Do you offer your insurance program in Canada?

A: Yes we do.  The ACHP-Canada Insurance Program is available for Canadian lifetime members.  Our program is exclusive to our ACHP-Canada lifetime members, provided by BFL Canada.  You must select the Lifetime Package in Step 3 (Create a Listing) during your registration.  Rates can be found on our ACHP-Canada website.   Back to Top

Q: What are the benefits to becoming an ACHP Lifetime Member?

A: It is perfect for those who wish to save money.  You get the best value and never renew again.  Your membership won’t ever expire and you won’t pay any future increased dues. Protect yourself from losing insurance program privileges and rates/benefits as our program is customized and exclusive for “active status” members only.   Back to Top

Q: How can ACHP help me get more customers?

A: ACHP does not guarantee or advertise to our members any or more customers.  However, ACHP does guarantee our certified members the tools to market themselves online through our member directory, member only access, and newsletters.  Many other tools can be found in our member’s only section.  Back to Top

Q: Is ACHP a franchise?

A: Absolutely not. We do not hire handymen nor do we promise any work. We do not offer referral services.  We are a real not-for-profit organization with certificate of status since March 4, 2009.  Our purpose, among many, is to help improve and help to regulate our unregulated handyman industry. Back to Top

Q: How much is the cost of membership?

A: The annual membership fee is $79.99 per individual member.  We also offer Lifetime Membership for $225 per member.  There are no hidden costs or fees. Back to Top

Q: Can I claim my membership fees on my tax returns?

A: Although ACHP is a not-for-profit organization we are a 501 c 6 which is NOT tax deductible. Back to Top

Q: If I become a member do I get a certificate?

A: Yes. Your certificate will have a unique member ID and expiration date. Back to Top

Q: Can I register my whole franchise or company?

A: All certificates are assigned to a person and not a company. If your company has more than 5 employees then contact ACHP for possible special group rates. We do however offer corporate membership options that allow larger companies to display their logo(s) with link in visible areas on our webpages. Ask for our Member Option forms. service@handymanassociation.org Back to Top

Q: Do we do background checks on our members?

A: Our members are accepted based on their knowledge and not their character or background. Customers may run their own background check as necessary. Back to Top

Q: I took the test and passed but I can’t log into the members section.

A: The system will not allow access into the members only sections or your directory listing settings until the registration and payment process have been completed. After taking and passing the test you will be required to pay for the membership. If payment is not made at that time the system will save your registration information.  To continue please login at www.handymanassociation.org with the username and password you created, you will automatically be placed where you last left off.  Complete the final step (Step 3) to gain membership and certification.

Having an ACHP Certification proves your success and credibility as a professional handyman.

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Q: Can I use your logo and seal even though I am not a member?

A: No. This would be considered Copyright Infringement. Our name, logo, seal, content is considered Intellectual Property and cannot be used without written consent of the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.  Permission is given to paid-active members only. Back to Top