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Fair Rate Handyman $ Home Services LLC

Fair Rate Handyman $ Home Services LLC

Fair Rates So Don't Wait, Call Us Today!

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Fair Rate Handyman & Home Services LLC is a local Veteran Owned handyman and home service company, that provides the highest degree of quality for the fairest of market or competitive prices. Fair Rate’s handymen have 20+ years experience in residential renovations and have been flipping houses in Virginia since 2007. Our company operates with the FAIRHS Core Values:

F: Fair, Frugal and Flexible
A: Accountable, Attention to Detail, Available
I: Integrity
R: Reliable, Respectful, Responsible and Results Oriented
H: Honest, Handy and Helpful
S: Satisfaction, Selfless and Safe

Standing behind the business name and these Core Values, Fair Rate believes it can ensure the highest grade of professionalism, workmanship, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our vendors and customers.

We perform a variety of services from your property interior to property exterior. You can think of it, we can perform the task or have access to licensed tradesman who can assist.

Fair Rates So Don’t Wait, Call Us Today!




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