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Handyman Insurance / Home Inspector Insurance Handyman Membership benefit when you become an ACHP Member – access to the ACHP Insurance Program – providing an affordable and easy-to-access option for General Liability insurance.  Learn how to get your handyman insurance.  Get a quote here.

** Some states are excluded.  See Exclusion list at the bottom of this page **

Securing certification through the ACHP is a sign of success and reliability. The perfect complement to your ACHP certification is a general liability coverage certificate – assures your customers you are serious about the work that you do. Watch our handyman liability insurance video about the ACHP Insurance Program.

The ACHP Insurance Program offers two levels of liability coverage. Choosing the type of coverage that’s right for you will depend on the type of work you do. Both coverage levels provide $1,000,000 of Premises-Operations Liability coverage which covers you against claims for injury or damage arising from your business operations while such operations are in progress. Coverage is also provided for claims of others injury or property damage from your premises. Additional coverage is available for $1,000,000 in Products-Completed Operations Liability which covers you against claims that may result from your job site operations that have been completed.

Purchasing this insurance is done easily and securely online! Simply review what each policy level covers and proceed with a short online application. Upon acceptance of your online payment, you’ll receive your personalized proof of coverage certificate immediately via email. Credit cards and e-checks are accepted.  Get a quote here.

Learn how to get your handyman insurance.


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Competitive rates for handyman insurance, home inspector insurance, landscaper insurance, etc.

Need handyman insurance in Canada? Check out our ACHP-Canada Insurance Program

States Exclusion List

Please note: New York has special requirements in their state laws that make it very difficult for insurance carriers to provide General Liability coverage at reasonable prices. As such, we do not have the ability to provide any coverage in that state.  Not available in the UK.

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