How To Join

How to Join the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals

1. Register – Go to the Registration Page and set up your account with a username, email, password, etc.

2. Pay for Membership – $79.99 per year or $225.00 for a lifetime membership.

3. Take the ACHP Certification Exam – Once you are registered and able to log in to you can take the certification exam. You must pass this exam in order to move on to the final step to become a member. Passing grade required is 87%.

There are approximately 50 multiple choice basic handyman questions

There is no exam time limit.  Average exam completion time is 5 to 20 minutes depending on your handyman experience.  Take your time.

Our exam is based on basic and general guidance and should not be relied upon for legal compliance purposes.

4. Create Your Listing – After passing the exam you’ll be able to set up your membership listing.


Membership to ACHP is a perfect compliment to your handyman business, home inspection business, or Lawn and Landscaping business.  After your subscription is set up you’ll have access to your handyman directory listing, the Handyman Insurance program, ACHP branding for your marketing efforts, and other members-only benefits.

Learn more about the benefits of an ACHP membership.


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