Jim Jackson Handyman Services

Jim Jackson Handyman Services

Jack of all Trades

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My passion is carpentry, but I can also handle almost all your other homeowner repair/upgrade needs. Like door or window repair/replacement, screen repair or trim and siding repair. Maybe you’d like a new hardwood floor or a new shed. Maybe you need a new electrical receptacle, replace a ceiling light fixture or plumbing issues like a leaky drain, toilet or faucet replacement. Or maybe you need some assistance assembling furniture or installing that wall mount TV. Just compile your list of repairs and I’ll go over them with you.


Jim Jackson


(530) 205-6233


(530) 205-6233


I will only take a job I believe I can apply my skills and be proud of my work while meeting the customer\\\'s expectations.


Massachusetts HIC # 188305


General liability insurance

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ACHP Evaluation Exam

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