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Tom went to school for commercial photography and set design before owning a photography studio 17 years. Between being a homeowner, a studio owner and having to build sets for a living carpentry is just part of life. Tom decided to relocate and change his life direction in 2014. Tom sold his studio and packed up to travel cross country living small in an RV. While traveling to make money along the way he worked for carpentry, painting and remodeling companies experiencing a wide range of service styles and ideology. “My experiences changed my life”, he says. Tom started to see how he was affecting people’s lives in a positive way like with photography but without the stress. Infact with carpentry and painting Tom was taking stress away from others while helping improve their quality of life. Being a handyman became something Tom looked forward to and believed in. Tom returned to Wilmington where he owns a home. For 4 months Tom worked for an awesome handyman service when he was approached by the owner asking him why he is not working for myself. Being a business owner previously for 17 years in a high stress industry meant Tom had everything needed to succeed on my own. One month later he became certified and launched Punch List, Paint and Repair. For more details and pricing check out our website!


Some of the things I’ve done:

My most memorable assignment thus far has been painting the ceilings of the Orlando Hyatt Hotel ballroom using motorized lifts.

Residential: Most of the following assignments started with demo in an occupied home.

Tile – install and repair of showers, floors, porches and kitchen backsplashes

Drywall – install, tape, patch, skim, texture, knockdown ceilings

Electrical – receptacles, ceiling fans, wall fixtures/lighting

Plumbing – bath tubes, sinks, toilets, RVs, irrigation systems, hot tubs

Vinyl siding – install and repair, pressure washing

Paint – brush, roller, spray, latex, oil, walls, ceilings, trim, brick

Stucco – barrier, casing, trim, screen, paint

Chimney and vent repair – chase replacement, fire-arrest replacement, sweeper

General carpentry – crown, trim, cabinets, shelving, door installation, dormers, gable and facia repair

Commercial: Lived at a hotel for a week refinishing 25 rooms. My job was to remove all hardware, patch and repair walls, caulk and paint all surfaces.




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